The NetGain Partnership is a philanthropic collaboration seeking to advance the public interest in the digital age.


NetGain Challenge

The NetGain Challenge is currently focused on the public interest implications of the “quantified society,” a broad term we are using to describe the sweeping changes underway whereby computers are making more decisions impacting people’s lives.

Featured Event

May 3, 2018  @ Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

A unique event exploring the role of artists in critically examining artificial intelligence and related technologies.   The program features a series of presentations and performances, including a panel discussion with the NetGain Partnership foundation presidents. 


NetGain Partners

The NetGain Partnership is a collaboration involving the Ford Foundation, Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Mozilla Foundation and Open Society Foundations. It is guided by a set of “Technology Principles” that seek to influence policy, markets, norms and the design and use of the Internet and information technologies to make the world a better place.  Learn More


Automation and the Quantified Society:

Throughout the world, powerful institutions are increasingly using computers to automate decisions that matter to people’s lives. Artificial intelligence and other advances in software development, pervasive data collection, and vanishingly cheap computing power are working together to drive considerable change, creating what some have called the “quantified society.”